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NOV-22 The Best of the Barn Breeder’s Invitational Sale

Landis Marketing & MD-Hillbrook, Leola, PA


DEC-3 December Genetic Evaluations IN USA and Canada


DEC-5 Mexico National Jersey Show

Querétaro, Mexico


DEC-6-7 Holland Holstein Show

Zwolle, Netherlands


DEC 6-7 Mexico National Holstein Show; Cowsmo coverage

Querétaro, Mexico


DEC-9 Music City Celebration III

Managed by: MD-Hillbrook and Tim & Sharyn Abbott, Nashville, TN


DEC-19 Holiday Harvest Sale

East Lansing, MI, CanAm Sales Management


JAN-12 World Ayrshire Conference



JAN-19-23 International Dairy Week

9 Hastie Street, Tatura VIC Australia


MAR-10-13 Western Canadian Dairy Seminar

Red Deer, AB, Canada


MAR-14 RuAnn Fiesta 2020

Riverdale, CA


MAR-20 March Madness 2020

Frederick, MD, MD-Hillbrook manager


MAR-28 RWDCA National Sale

Crescentmead Farm, Ixonia, WI


JUN-21-27 US National Holstein Convention

Lancaster, PA


SEPT-29-OCT 3 World Dairy Expo

Madison, WI


SEPT-29-OCT 3 World Brown Swiss Conference

Madison, WI



Auction Calendar
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Auction Calendar